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A real-time judging platform for competitions, science fairs and pitch days.

JudgeFest is for everyone that needs to judge something. From pageants and awards nights to taste testing the perfect soda pop.

Whatever the competition, whether it is a science fair, talent show, pitch fest, sport competition or pageant – JudgeFest is designed to provide an easy, real-time platform to manage your event.

Download for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Free to use. No credit card required.

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Core Features

JudgeFest is a simple judging platform – with some awesome built-in features to make your event run smoothly. Administrators, judges and attendees use the same app to access all these features:

Create your own Events

Sign-up and create your own Events! Create an “Opinion” Event and write up your questions ready for your event. Or create a “Judge” Event with teams, categories and judges (guest or official).

Audience Participation as Standard

Participants can simply download the app, enter your event code and away they go!

Multiple Events, Multiple Categories, Multiple Scorecards

Create as many events, categories and scorecards as you need them. Enter all your entrants through our administration platform in the app. Manage all your judges from one interface.

Judge Events

Official and/or guest judges can login and judge teams or entries based on various pre-set categories. The results can be shown on a Leaderboard (to an internet-enabled screen, projector or TV).

Multiple Choice Questions

Ask your audience multiple choice questions (with optional write-in answers) and display the results using a number of different visualisations.

A Complete Judging System

All functions available via the app – no additional software required (only the app and an internet connection)!

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Additional Features

  • Create and manage your own events.
  • Create your own categories and manage entries for each category.
  • Create your own scorecards/criteria/rubrics for each category.
  • Manage judges and access to categories and entries.
  • Real-time judging results.
  • Audience participation through polls, surveys and questions in app.
  • Display scoreboards and participation results on dashboards or in app.
  • Keep records of your results, entries, judging scores and questions.
  • Your data is protected and belongs to you, always.
  • Easy to use – for administrators, judges and public users.
appstore download link
google play download link

How to use

As an event organiser

Step #1

Follow these links to download the JudgeFest App for Free


Appstore download link
Google Play Download link
Judgefest Login screen

Step #2

If you are creating the event that you are using JudgeFest to manage, simply click “Manage Events” and either signup for a free account, or login if this isn’t your first time.

Step #3

Create and manage your event. Set your judges, your teams and your competition categories and criteria.

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Create your event, and set your event short-code.

Judgefest New Judges screenshot

Select “manage” to set your judges or leave it open to guest judges with access to your event code

Judgefest New Teams screenshot

Create the individual teams participating in the event

Judgefest New Category screenshot

Create and manage the judging criteria for the event

Judgefest leaderboards screenshot

View the collective results for each team from the event 

judgefest appstore download link
JudgeFest Google Play download link

As an Event Judge it couldn’t be easier to use

Step #1

Login using a secure pin given by the organiser, or simply sign in as a guest

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Judgefest scoring screenshot

Step #2

Select the team you want to evaluate, set their score and hit submit. Its that easy!

“I used the app at the WAITTA pitchfest. It was easy to use, interactive and the feedback supplied to pitchers was highly visual and easy to digest. “

Dr Josephine Muir, GAICD
CEO | Noisy Guts

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Cant find what you’re looking for? Please feel free to get in contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Free app? Whats the catch?

 There isn’t one. JudgeFest can always be used with the free plan and is packed full of features.
For unique or business-level events, there are premium features available

Download today and streamline your competition scoring. 

We want to use JudgeFest at our school event, is this possible?

Not only is it possible, this is a scenario where JudgeFest really shines. With Audience participation through polls, surveys and questions, and an inbuilt profanity filter, JudgeFest is perfect for any competition judging event.

Do I need an Internet connection to use JudgeFest?

Yes, to use JudgeFest at your event you will need to be connected to the internet. However all functions are available via the app – no additional software is required.

Can I run multiple events at once?

By default you can have one active event running at a time which suites most use cases. If you require more look into the premium features in  the JudgeFest app. 

How many Judges can we have at our event?

The JudgeFest app allows up to 1000 active judges on any one event. Perfect for almost all sized competitions. 

Can Judgefest do '...'?

Not yet! Send us all your feedback and especially feature suggestions to hello@ninjasoftware.com.au!

Judgefest appstore download
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Come back soon for manuals, how to videos and handy guides on how to use JudgeFest. If you have any questions, contact us.

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